Waxing with Paint Sealant

The service includes:

  • Thorough tar soaking washing of the car
  • Washing of door gaps and wheels
  • Removal of all tar dots
  • Before waxing with Paint Sealant the surfaces are cleaned with Fallout
  • Remover (radioactive dust remover)
  • First waxing with Paint Sealant
  • Removal of wax* in half an hour
  • Second treatment with Paint Sealant
  • Removal of wax
  • Glossing of rubber surfaces and tyres

The whole process takes ab. 8 hours. First the car is washed thoroughly, then the first, slimmer layer of Pain Sealant is applied, which is removed in half an hour, then the second, thicker layer is applied, which must stay for 5-6 hours on the car. Then wax* is removed from the car surface and this results in a splendid outcome!
This is the newest protection against fading and oxidation, environmental impact sustained and hazardous UV radiation.
* It’s not wax, rather than the newest, high technology, nonabrasive polymer of Presta, which leaves a transparent, hard protective layer when applied to paint. Differing from wax owing to its resistance and composition. It’s a splendid long-term shine and protection with maximum durability of up to five years (manufacturer data), while 2-4 y. in Estonia’s conditions. It won’t come off paint by frequent tar removal washing or with a wax removal agent.

Properties of Paint Sealant:

  • the treated surface will obtain a particularly good shine;
  • the microscopic particles will cover painting with a glassy layer;
  • will absorb smaller micro-scratches, will not allow them through to varnish or paint;
  • is water and oil rejecting and a few times slipperier than varnish or paint;
  • will prevent dirt from intruding the pores of painting;
  • an adverse growth medium for bacteria and any other moulds;
  • is salt and acid resistant;
  • UV protection;
  • does not contain silicone, wax, resin or oil.

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