Dry-cleaning includes:

  • Wet cleaning of the seats, floors, door upholstery, textile mats
  • Cleaning of all plastic surfaces, incl. all kinds of boxes, gaps, etc.
  • Internal cleaning of the windows
  • Drying of the car (8 hours)
  • All the surfaces of the car passenger compartment are treated when dry-cleaning the passenger compartment. All stains can be removed as a rule.
  • Come and make your car passenger compartment new.
  • Proper and quality job.

Appointments and additional information:
+372 644 0000
The duration of a dry-cleaning job is 4-8 hours + drying time. You’ll get the car back in the next day, since the car must be left to dry with a blower for the night. This ensures full drying of the car.

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